How to Incorporate Orange in Your Future Projects

Everyone knows orange is the color of Halloween, but most don’t know that the bright color can be used throughout your home as well. Whether its a large part of a project like an accent wall or a smaller part like a color within your backsplash choice, the warm color can bring something extra to your newly remodeled kitchen, bath, or room. Check out these tips on how to incorporate more orange into your future projects.

  • Orange is an energetic color that gives a sensation of heat. It inspires the appetite and represents joy, enthusiasm and creativity. Orange is best used in rooms where you want to communicate these concepts.
  • If you’re curious about orange but not quite sure if it’s right for your home, start with a small splash of color for one wall or a few vibrant accessories.
  • Use orange with neutrals to add warmth and interest to your color palette. Orange adds energy to grays and earth tones.
  • Orange can act as a bold visual anchor in a room. In vibrant eclectic kitchens, pops of orange add depth and help to define the space.

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